Keystone Information Sales and Services, Inc.

Keystone Information Sales and Services:

What's new...

We are currently working on a number of web sites presenting information on a variety of topics. The first two added will be:

STAMPS: An accumulation of stamp data, tips, tricks and general information of all types for collectors. At a later data a similar site will be added for Coins and Currency.

Railroad and Trolley Photographs and associated information.

Scale Railroader ecommerce and information for scale modelers.

Much more to come! Keep an eye on this tab as well as the Sites and the Future Sites & Subjects pages for detailed information.

Our Objective...

Keystone ISS Inc's web sites are first and foremost a valuable information resource for the communities which they serve.

Although Keystone does offer a variety of products including information products and services through a variety of outlets, we pride ourselves in being a source for useable and reliable information.

Jeffrey M. Coney, CEO

Has led the firm since its inception in 2002, Mr. Coney, a self described "information junkie" has been involved in each area of interest contained in our web sites As an example:

His Family has been involved in woodworking either as avid hobbyists or professionally for generations. Many of his personal tools have been in his family for 3+ generations. He grew up with a wood shop in his house and was amazed to find out as a boy that many families didn't have one...

He has been a stamp collector since 1972; he started collecting stamps as a boy buying stamps via approval packets from H.E. Harris with the proceeds from his paper route in Williamsport PA.

Keystone ISS Staff:

This is predominately a family business but all areas of interest are areas that our staff members have a genuine interest in and can speak to from personal experience.

Subject Mater Experts:

We provide information from other knowledgeable sources, experts who write for our sites and offer the fruits of their experiences for more information about SME's please view the information on this page.


Each month thousands of people visit (KISS) and its subsidiary sites.

Due to recent hosting issues we've relocated our sites. Please pardon the temporary mess. Our sites, some content and features may disappear and reappear for short periods during this transition.

Several sites and features will require a rebuild while others will simply be a fresh upload to the host.

Our sites offer a variety of information resources for Technical Research and business information as well as hobbyist interests in Stamp and Coin collecting, Railroading, Woodworking, and various aspects of Survival. Scale Railroading, home repair and decorating ideas, recipes, car buying tips, guides for living. Our Subject Matter Experts offer practical advice and solutions from personal experience and expertise. Our goal is to supply the content that is relevant to your needs and interests.

We invite you to explore this site, which acts as a central hub for our subject specific web sites A Master Site Map is available. This site also acts as a central point for site locations, company information, contact information, policies, FAQ's and other pertinent information related to our company and the sites which we run.

Watch the NEW tab to the left for change to this site, subsidiary sites and announcements of new sites and subjects. We have a long list of information resources that we intend to put on the web in the coming year, and beyond.